Saturday, April 2, 2011


Again, idea idea idea...need more ideas to fulfill those kids' desire towards art...Here come some ideas after few searching have been done...there are few craft arts to make my art class more lively ( at the same time more tiring for me..hahaxp) Anyway, as long as those kids happy and excited to learn thats already contenting..

So,first two arts product will be produced using paper plate.

1st: Bunny mask

After i have done that mask following the website i felt doubt whether really to show them this sample or not since i felt it look a bit 'strange' and 'un-cute'...but when i shown them the sample, unexpectedly they praise it..what a relief..hehe

2nd: Mr. kura kura

This also i learned from one of those it is simple and cute plus nice i decided to teach them this..after myself done with the sample i fell in love with is so adorable..

3rd: Apples' tree

This is one kind of art which have to be completed mostly using fingerprint...will start praying from now on that art class with this theme will end with nice and clean will never imagine how messy a kid can be with water colour + finger...can even imagine their mum's frowning faces when see their child reach home with colourful uniform..hahaha...neway, if can i hope can let them have some try with water colour art...just simple one... make a sample for them without a set idea cause me tried with three paper and the last one is the one i am satisfied enough to carry on to show them the product as it is the simplest and nicest...

1st try:

AS it need to use all kind of colours and creatures so i think should forget it and proceed to second what u saw is the half way drawn picture...most creatures in it are created by fingerprint except the touch up...

2nd try:

If let those kids go on with this, the mum will cry as u can c the trunk is done by using our finger+palm and this means v must turn half part of our hand into brown colour...imagine if 47 of student with their hand in brown n keep yelling : teacher, help me...fuh...skip skip...but i end up over excited with ss-ing till making the picture into weirdo..haha

3rd try:

Yea, least colour needed, least messy and simple plus nice...okay! satisfied with this apple/cherry/ watever tree and finally can stop with third^^

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cross country~~

Today is the second time be one of the organizer of cross country ( the first was in uni^^)...Looking at others running really give me another kind of feeling than running my own (been running the whole secondary school life)..felt kind of excited for them..

Std 4,5,6 students of SJK(C)KHE BENG are involved in this yearly cross country event and the route length is less than position is to wait at the final point and 'catch' the winners..nice experience...

Those students manage to complete the whole route in 5mins averagely...i think it is a good warm up for them to prepare themself to step into their secondary life..

As usual accidents and all kind of situation will happen where a student fell down and injured quite badly (bleed at mouth, hand,leg), some run till face oso turn white, some sprain their legs....anyway it is a learning process and most return with relief faces..haha

All in all, nice new experience...hehe^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot air bAllOOn

Camera battery charged, memory card emptied as preparation for the following day Hot aIr BalloON fiesta photo shooting...

Early morning of 20 March 2011, after filling our empty stomach at our TAM tradition restaurant, here we go to Putrajaya for the Hot air balloon...Heard that there are hot aIr balloon ride from 8am-11am for morning session but when we reach there around 8something, ticket are already sold out...the place already quite packed with cars and human at that time but lucky thing is we got our parking quite easily and not that jam yet compared to the time when we leaving...

At first i am so excited when saw the first few giant balloons and start snapping photo once step down the ground..but when move forward into deeper area and found out only few more oval shape balloons appearing in my view..start to feel disapointed...wondering where goes those cutie balloon such as doremon's or at least got some weird faces balloon...neway, we just continue snapping and exploring around by finding out there are quite a number of activities been carried out around there...quite happening overall..

After enough of snapping and sun bathing, we decided to go somewhere cooler such as Alamanda shoping first plan to watch a movie but end up just have some nice lunch and window shoping before heading home since there are no nice seat in cinema for 10 persons..hehe..all in all the fiesta abit of disapointing but good experience^^

Friday, March 11, 2011


Week by week, art classes seems to be coming so fast each week and keep racing with my idea squeezing speed..fuhh...every week same episode of storyline with idea squeezing at d beginning of d week, happy and contented when got an idea, again worried with what to teach for the following week at the end of the

Anyway, for this week i come out with an idea by teaching my students to make bookmark ( since they start complaining want to do some handcraft after few weeks of drawing).. so on the night before the class came i settle myself down to make a sample bookmark..have to think something not so complicated yet nice enough to trigger their eagerness to do it...after some time..deng deng come my fine art's product..felt so satisfied after such a long time since last touch artwork..xp

Monday, February 21, 2011

Charity Line Dance

Had join an wonderful event on 20th Feb 2011 which called Charity LIne Dance.. this event was held at Subang Avenue which is a new mall with only little shoplots are opened in there...

This event cost us rm18 and organized by Selangor Multi-cultural Dance Society and other is officiated by our deputy minister of finance~~YB Senator Dato IR Donald LIm Siang Chai...the VIPsss are welcomed by beutiful 'lions' which came from lion dance Society in UM...hehe

This event was attended by around 300 attendee which most formed by aunties, small portion of youngster and uncles...those aunties are so hot and sporting..and there are peoples just came to support this charity event by joining the dance or watching...great more great person to mentioned is an ah ma...i think she is around 70-80 years old and she can dance many of the dance...bravo!!

Upon arriving,my friend and I was quite shock actually coz never expect that we are gonna dance at the concourse of a is so.....public...haha...neway we did enjoy ourself very very much...just wish that i could know more dance so that i can join myself into most of the dance..the time will come...hehe

All in all, it was a fantastic event and hope will get to join more in future..he^^

Sunday, February 13, 2011


HAPPIE BUNNY YEAR!!!!Gong Xi Fatt this blog roughly bout how i went trough my cny in this bunny year...

Heading hometown:

Just before we start to travel all the way back to kg, v had a 'cny' lunch in shah alam first...took first family lou sang of the year n continue our journey after satisfied with food...

30th meh:

AS usual, pasar-ing before the sky bright, prepare prepare, cook cook, pray pray......then the moment long waited--> round the table and start inserting delicious food into hungry stomach..hehe

chor yat:

Go temple baca kitab for a moment, then ate vege lunch, then go lumut temple pray pray....this year didn went walk walk beside lumut beach as tradition coz late ady..

then one of the most awaited event of this year cny came in the evening ---> grandma birthday celebration...yea yea...again good food, laughter, gather, merry it..

chor yee:

Again visit to anther temple for 'bai tai sui' as usual...then evening visit to uncle's house for cousin birthday celebration..hehe

chor sam:

Back to city...had a fren's gathering at barbie's cards...quite lucky dat nite...barley the most lucky one...^^

chor sei:

Frens house total visited 7 houses in just around 6hours...thanks to our time advisor barbie ng..keke..nice but tiring..he

chor ngm:

School back my student...nice feeling..

chor sap:

Visited Jenjarum..nice deco..packed like usual...but this year get to throw wishing stripe to wishing this nice trip was wrapped up with nice late dinner at telok gong..yummy...

All in all, bunny year happy year...wish everyone will have a great year ahead!!^^

Thursday, January 27, 2011


CNY is coming soon exactly in one week time...yea yea...though previous few day dun really felt the atmosphere yet but today there are some event in school which make us realize CNY is really just around the corner...

ONe of our teacher ( the only guy teacher in aftanoon session) make up as 'Choi Sang'(Prosperity God) and distribute ang pow for those kiddie while cny songs was played..those kiddie were so excited and happy...we afternoon teachers also 'pakat' to wear red red today as to make the atmosphere more CNY feel...hehe...

Besides the ba gua that we ordered last few days also reached by today add on the cny feel..everyone busy accepting n distributing ba gua in the end up making the environment more merrier...he...neway,hope for better year ahead and stay healthy and blessed always...same to you too^^