Saturday, April 2, 2011


Again, idea idea idea...need more ideas to fulfill those kids' desire towards art...Here come some ideas after few searching have been done...there are few craft arts to make my art class more lively ( at the same time more tiring for me..hahaxp) Anyway, as long as those kids happy and excited to learn thats already contenting..

So,first two arts product will be produced using paper plate.

1st: Bunny mask

After i have done that mask following the website i felt doubt whether really to show them this sample or not since i felt it look a bit 'strange' and 'un-cute'...but when i shown them the sample, unexpectedly they praise it..what a relief..hehe

2nd: Mr. kura kura

This also i learned from one of those it is simple and cute plus nice i decided to teach them this..after myself done with the sample i fell in love with is so adorable..

3rd: Apples' tree

This is one kind of art which have to be completed mostly using fingerprint...will start praying from now on that art class with this theme will end with nice and clean will never imagine how messy a kid can be with water colour + finger...can even imagine their mum's frowning faces when see their child reach home with colourful uniform..hahaha...neway, if can i hope can let them have some try with water colour art...just simple one... make a sample for them without a set idea cause me tried with three paper and the last one is the one i am satisfied enough to carry on to show them the product as it is the simplest and nicest...

1st try:

AS it need to use all kind of colours and creatures so i think should forget it and proceed to second what u saw is the half way drawn picture...most creatures in it are created by fingerprint except the touch up...

2nd try:

If let those kids go on with this, the mum will cry as u can c the trunk is done by using our finger+palm and this means v must turn half part of our hand into brown colour...imagine if 47 of student with their hand in brown n keep yelling : teacher, help me...fuh...skip skip...but i end up over excited with ss-ing till making the picture into weirdo..haha

3rd try:

Yea, least colour needed, least messy and simple plus nice...okay! satisfied with this apple/cherry/ watever tree and finally can stop with third^^


  1. what a hardworking teacher..1st 1 look a bit like 1 is nice..3rd 1 the 2nd pic is special but i think 1st is nicer..1 day teach 3?

  2. haha...true oso...dats y dat rabbit look weird...d 1st try hard to teach n do..suit for higher level week one...haha...

  3. 1 week 1 but out of sudden come out with so many idea......will they wear the mask? haha.....

  4. ya,sudd alot of idea..happy..not need to fan for few week...ya,they wear it immediately after ma..hehe

  5. good la u! very dedicated teacher! haha..i wish to join ur art class too.. those kids are lucky.. :)

  6. haha...i duno dey lucky or wat dis half tong water punya teacher...cant deliver much real art skill oso..jz can make sure at least dey learn sometin n have fun d most imp..hehe